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22nd to 26th Sep., 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

講演番号 講演題目、発表者・共同研究者
Low Temperature Deposited a-Si:H/a-Si:H Tandem Solar Cells with High Voc for Spectrum Splitting Technique
D.-W. Kang, S. Kim, P. Sichanugrist & M. Konagai

Solution of Roll-over-Shaped J-V Characteristics of Ag(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells
T. Umehara, S. Iinuma, Y. Kurokawa & A. Yamada

Diameter Reduction of Silicon Nanowires Using Ozone OxidationMethod for the Application to the All-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
Y. Kurokawa, E. Ishida, Y. Yamada & A. Yamada
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
S. Kato
Japan Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo, Japan


30th Sep. to 4th Oct., 2013, Paris, France

講演番号 講演題目、発表者・共同研究者
Improvement of a Multi-Functional n-μc-SiOx AND p-μc-SiOx Interface for Novel a-Si:H/μc-Si:H Solar Cells by Introducing Co2 Plasma Treatment
B. Janthong, Y. Moriya, S. Kasashima, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai

Numerical Simulation of Spectrum-Splitting Thin-Film Solar Cells Using a-SiOx:H / a-Si:H Double-Junction Solar Cell as a Short-Wavelength-Absorption Cell
Y. Takiguchi, S. Kasashima, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai

Application of Graphene to TCO/p-Layer Interface in a-Si Solar Cells for Voc Improvement
T. Fujii, M. Sato, R. Ishikawa, P. Sichanugrist, Y. Ichikawa, M. Konagai


24th Sep. to 28th Sep., 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

講演番号 講演題目、発表者・共同研究者
Application of Intrinsic Amorphous Silicon Oxide Films as Passivation Layers for Textured HeterojunctionSolar Cells
K. Nakada, M. Konagai


Highly Textured ZnO Substrate Fabricated on Etched Eagle-XG Glass and its Application to a-Si:H SolarCells
H. Wada, R. Ishikawa, K. Nishikubo, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai


Performance Improvement of Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells Fabricated on Sputtered ZnO Substrate by Low-Temperature Deposited Microcrystalline p-Layer
Y. Moriya, T. Aino, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai, H. Kuramochi, R. Akiike, H. Iigusa, K. Tamano,T. Shibutami

Study of Thin-Film Solar Cells Using Solar Spectrum Splitting Technique
S. Kim, S. Kasashima, P. Sichanugrist, T. Kobayashi, T. Nakada, M. Konagai
Light-Trapping Improvement of p-i-n Silicon-Based Solar Cells with New Refractive-Index Matching LayerInserted at ZnO/p Interface
B. Janthong, T. Aino, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai
Five Years Demonstration Results of Floating PV Systems with Water Spray Cooling
Y. Ueda, K. Kurokawa, M. Konagai, S. Takahashi, A. Terazawa, H. Ayaki
3CV.1.37 High Temperature Preparation of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Films with High Ga Content
Y. Hirai, T. Kashima, Y. Kurokawa, A. Yamada


5th Sep. to 9th Sep., 2011, Hamburg, Germany

講演番号 講演題目、所属、発表者・共同研究者
3CP.1.1 (Wednesday 10:30-12:20)
Keynote Presentation Thin-Film Photovoltaics: An Overview
Tokyo Institute of Tech nology, Japan
M. Konagai
3CO.1.2 (Wednesday 08:00-10:00)

Fabrication of Novel Structure a-Si1-xOx:H/a-Si:H/μc-Si:H Triple-Junction Solar Cells
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
S. Inthisang, T. Krajangsang, B. Janthong, P. Sichanugrist & M. Konagai

3AV.2.9 (Monday 15:15-16:45)
Improvement of Short-Circuit Current in Silicon-Based Thin Film SolarCells Using ZnO Films with Very High Haze Value
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
A. Hongsingthong, T.K. Krajangsang, H. Fujioka, P. Sichanugrist &M. Konagai

2CV.4.2 (Wednesday 17:00-18:30)
Characterization of Intrinsic Hydrogenated Amorphous Si1-xOx Layersfor High Efficiency Heterojunction Si Solar Cells
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Y. Yamaguchi, T. Watahiki & M. Konagai
2CV.4.12 (Wednesday 17:00-18:30)
Photocurrent Enhancement of Silicon Solar Cells with MetalNanoparticle Arrays on Rear Surfaces
JX Nippon Oil & Energy, Yokohama, Japan, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
K. Nakayama, M. Goto & S. Hayashi &M. Konagai
3CO.4.2 (Wednesday 17:00-18:30)
In2S3 Buffer Layer for Cu (InGa) Se2 Solar Cells Fabricated by aNanoparticle-Coating Approach
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Y. Zhang, T. Tamura, A. Yamada & M. Ito


21st Sep. to 25th Sep., 2009, Hamburg, Germany

講演番号 講演題目、所属、発表者・共同研究者
2DO.1.6 (Thursday 13:00-14:30)
Optimization of Contact Hole Formation Process by Reactive Ion Etching for 3c-SiC/Si Heterojunction Solar Cells with a-Al1-xOx:H Rear Surface Passivation Layer
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
○J. Irikawa, S. Miyajima, A. Yamada & M. Konagai
1CV.3.68 (Wednesday afternoon)

Effects of Nitrogen on the Electrical Properties of Si Quantum Dots Superlattice Using a-SiC Matrix
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
○Y. Kurokawa, S. Tomita, S. Miyajima, A. Yamada & M. Konagai